The Light - An Alumni Publication Winter 2014/2015 - Page 3

Contents table of AROUND THE WORLD TRAVEL & CULTURE Cuba: A Trip of a Lifetime 6 FEATURED On the Back of a Lion 8 p. 12 YES Scholar Brings Change to Nigeria On Top of the World Alumnus to Summit Mt. Everest 12 p. 8 REFLECTIONS HARMONY CREATIVE WRITING Tightrope 16 Cloud’s Gate 18 by Monique Schmidt (Japan, 1993) by La-Verne Parris (Denmark, 1983) YFU CHORALE Celebrating Robert Pratt 25 NEW DIRECTIONS HEALTH & WELLNESS FACES OF YFU 10 Commandments of Keeping Resolutions 26 ALUMNI PROFILES Stephanie Roach (Japan, 2007) 20 YFU TODAY Denise Gibson (Netherlands, 1978) 22 In Memoriam Caitlynn Upton (Germany, 2012) 24 YFU on Program 19 Bobby Petrini (Italy, 2000) 24 New & Noteworthy 28 Daniel Biaggi (USA, 1988) 25 Letter from the Editor 35 Cover Art: Stevie Schafer (Japan, 2003) Schafer spent a summer abroad in Akashi, Japan as a JapanAmerica Friendship Scholar in 2003. After studying art and creative writing at the University of Colorado – Boulder, she works as a freelance artist and illustrator with a focus on creating cover art for self publishing authors. Her work can be found online at YFU USA Board of Trustees Daryl Weinert, Chair William Dant, Vice Chair Donna Schnaars, Secretary Heather Reynolds, Treasurer Dianne Bradley Laurie S. Fulton Benjamin Gutierrez Michael E. Hill Magnus Karlberg Martin Nichols Jennifer N. Sigler Andrew Towne David Trads James E. Waslawski Laurence Wohlers 4