The Light - An Alumni Publication Winter 2014/2015 - Page 29

NEW & NOTEWORTHY GERMAN EXCHANGE STUDENT SEES MICHELLE OBAMA “One of the great things about being an exchange student is to meet new people. In the last two months, I have met probably hundreds of different, interesting and some of the nicest people I have ever known. I can’t tell who is the nicest or who is the most interesting, but I can tell who was the most exiting for me! On Thursday, October 23 I had the chance to meet Michelle Obama — I have heard a lot about the personality of the First Lady – how natural, authentic and impressive she is, but honestly I didn’t believe it. I have heard a lot of good politicians before. I have read speeches from her and from her husband, President Obama. I didn’t think I would be surprised, but I was, in a 100 percent positive way. When she walked on stage, the whole audience was kind of bored and sleepy. Imagine waking up early, driving to Denver, waiting for your shuttle, driving in the shuttle, waiting in line, waiting in the hall, waiting for the band to play, waiting for the band to stop playing, waiting for the first speeches, listening to more music, listening to somebody else you do not really know and care about, hearing some more music and then finally an announcement. “Please welcome Senator Mark Udall and the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama!” Everybody got excited, and I mean everybody! The little kids dancing with their grandmas and friends, the old lady who saw Michelle Obama already a thousand times, and even the Secret Service and the man from the hot dog cart. Mrs. Obama waved and laughed and spoke and just had fun. She was so natural, authentic and impressive. I think she could have told the weirdest story and everybody would have nodded and smiled and been happy. She spoke about the importance of voting and of being an active member and citizen of this country. She talked about changes that have been done and changes to come. She talked about her husband, her family and her children, and the importance of their role in the future of the United States.  After her speech, if I had been old enough and an American citizen, I would have voted right away!” — Selma Richter 15-year-old YFU Exchange Student from Germany to Jefferson Academy High School in Denver, CO. YFU COUCHES ROSETTA STONE DISCOUNTS FOR ALUMNI Have the itch to travel again and experience life as a local? Make the world your home and share your couch with the YFU network. Managed by the YFU International Secretariat, register your couch today to host YFU world travelers or find a place to stay in nearly 1,000 locations around the world! With a new year comes new resolutions! If learning a new language is on your list, you might enjoy a discounted Rosetta Stone account. YFU is currently offering employees, alumni and volunteers the opportunity to purchase a 1-year online Rosetta Stone account for 2015 at a reduced rate of $100. You can request more information or an account by emailing  YFU • The Light | 29