The Light - An Alumni Publication Winter 2014/2015 - Page 18

REFLECTIONS At the Cloud’s Gate sun-kissed princess blessed by Queen Nanny descending through icy heavens under Odin’s gaze eyes all around me captivated by beauty’s night almond eyes, skin of onyx, hair wooly and lush my only thought: “here I abide, at the cloud’s gate” surrounded by colors, pigments all the same hues longing for someone to reach me, without having to lose motherly love and fatherly guidance teaching me their ways shearing sheep and bailing hay sweet farm life: langerod 13, sivendal i spoke with conviction, played with passion, learned with fervor i reached out and received all, and more, than I had given love, loyalty, compassion, and trust they gave me and i returned these offerings in my belonging and in all my longings for our time as family to never end… maintaining closeness, folding times and spaces walking into my journey always seeing their faces climbing up beckoning hills with them in mind coasting down into green valleys with them to find hills painted, night sky sparkling we never leave each other instead we wait to be together again sisters, brothers, father and mother Preparing to leave Denmark, La-Verne Parris hugs her host mother, Lis Brandt. —La-Verne Parris La-Verne Parris, also known as “the Miracle Worker,” is an best-selling author, life coach and educator sought out by actors, athletes, musicians, writers and artists for her unique and uncanny ability to guide them to their next levels of self-actualization. Parris insists that with each client’s successes, everything they have accomplished was already within them. Parris has been writin r