The Light - An Alumni Publication Winter 2014/2015 - Page 13

ANDREW TOWNE Program: Germany, CBYX, 1998 Current Title: Chair of the External Affairs Committee, YFU Board of Trustees; Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor Candidate at the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Education: Grand Forks Central High School, Grand Forks, ND Yale University, BA Political Science University of Pennsylvania, MBA Candidate Home: Philadelphia, PA WORLD conversations. One such conversation occurred The exchange experience changed Towne’s life during the week-long, mid-year orientation that is a trajectory from music to foreign affairs. However, his staple of the YFU experience. Together with fellow experience returning home fundamentally changed U.S. and German exchange students, an alumnus the way he lived his life. “All I wanted to do was described being assaulted by Neo-Nazis. “He was talk everybody’s ear off about this great experience heartbroken, not I had, but I quickly so much by the realized that “EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING — I beating, but more among teenagers, by the fact that so perhaps no one LOVE FINDING THOSE THINGS many onlookers really wants to who could have vacation THAT REALLY LIGHT PEOPLE’S FIRE.” see your Towne stopped the fight photos.” would look on began bottling up without doing anything.” Towne continued, “he was his great experiences and wondered what others a 16-year-old