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Library Clerk

Kaitlyn joined the DDL staff in July. She’s a new resident of our library community and came to the library with over 5 years of super friendly customer service experience!


Library Clerk

For some people, a love for library work starts at a young age. Hanna happens to be one of those people. She began her work as a library page in high school and has continued on as both a service desk clerk and an administrative clerk. She even has her eyes set on a degree in Library Science. There’s no doubt though, she's already got mad library skills!


Library Clerk

If Christie looks familiar, you may have actually seen her over at one of CADL’s branches. Christie agreed to join our team so long as we were willing to share her and since we haven’t mastered the art of cloning our super staff we agreed because we simply couldn’t pass up her awesome library AND supervisory experience.

New Staff Spotlight

Library News

Libraries and books, books and libraries--the two go hand in hand, but lately, libraries have begun to expand some new non-traditional items which can be loaned out. In March of this year, DeWitt District Library rolled out our new Library of Things collection with the introduction of mobile hotspots. Our library users have been able to check out a DDL Hotspot and use the internet anywhere they go!

In addition to the 20 DDL Hotspots that are currently circulating our community, the Library has also aquired a Hero 5 GoPro camera and a TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator!

Want to document your next adventure? Borrow our GoPro Kit! It's waterproof, shatterproof, and includes a variety of mounting devices so no matter where you go you will be able to capture that perfect moment.

Need some homework help? Our TI-84 Plus is a top of the line graphing calculator available to help you with your advanced classes. It's also the perfect tool for the entrepreneur or business associate.

These exciting new tech gadgets will be available for checkout in a couple of weeks. Visit our Library of Things for more information