The Liberatorum Szukalism

Szukalism By Shannon Szukala "I write so I can remember who I was yesterday, in case I forget who I am tomorrow" - Szukala Helmand, Afghanistan 06 Oct 2010 Szukal – Polish – “He sought” – Redefined “Searched/Searching for something” ism - Informal, often derogatory an unspecified doctrine, system, or practice Szukalism – Seeking doctrine for oneself; self-searching. What I wrote is what defined me at that very moment; an introspection of myself. We must remember what / who we are is forever evolving / adapting. Overtime I may write more to show the evolution / doctrine of who / what I am “Szukalism” the change of self-doctrine. In the very essence I must say we are all unique; but we must recognize who / what we are and who / what we are not. I ask everyone at a moment in time to write an honest introspection of what defines them at the moment when the pen touches the paper. Here are the 165 thoughts that defined me in a moment. 1. Today is the day I began to die and when the morning came I was reborn. 2. Faith brings unity and hope 3. Individuality brings self-destruction and is weakness. 4. Accept death, embrace death, and deny deaths right to take you. 5. Divide the united, unite the divided. 6. Resist against submission. 7. Die free not as a slave.