The Leaky Boob - Page 15

1. Pariday TendHer: Pillows Reusable vegetarian food grade gel pads to use heated, cooled, or room temperature in their own soft pillowcase for soothing and healing. For nipple pain, breast engorgement, mastitis relief, and even breast tenderness with ovulation or menstruation, these pads provide the comfort you need. Coupon Code: LEAKYBBB for 20% off 4. Bamboobies- Washable Nursing Pads As soft as a cloud and can hold just as much liquid, these reusable pads prevent leaks with an effective backing. The heart shape design isn’t just to be cute, it allows the pad to contour to your unique breast shape without buckling. The thicker overnight pads can last the night. 2. Silverette: Nursing Cups Protection that soothes and promotes healing? Yes please! Not every mom is going to have nipple pain or nipple damage and if you do it’s an indicator that something is wrong and it’s time to see an IBCLC. Either way, these nursing cups provide comforting protection in your clothes, the silver cooling and helping the tissue heal. 5. Evenflo- Classic + Vented Glass Bottle 3-pack Go classic with the fuss-free design with a modern twist. If you’re bottle feeding, you’ll love how straightforward these bottles are and that the tempered glass allows for superior sanitizing, recycling, and sustainability. • Learn as much about breastfeeding as you do about every other aspect of parenting. We spent hours learning the Bradley method to be sure we were ready for labor, but only a few minutes talking about feeding. ~Marla 3. Mamma-Kin LLC: KoalaKin Breastfeeding is what babies are born to do! But moms may find some discomfort for themselves along the way. Relieve shoulder, neck, arm, and wrist pain with the comprehensive support that allows you to position your baby at the breast without causing strain. Find support and breastfeeding information too at the Koalakin website. Coupon Code: BBBTLB2016 for 25% off “It’s normal for newborns to need a lot of attention and to feed frequently, don’t worry if it seems like you’re always nursing!” ~Olivia Feeding