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bargain shelf bestsellers | apologetics & basics The Reason For God: Belief In An Age Of Scepticism Timothy Keller Timothy Keller uses reason, philosophy, and literature to make a compelling case for the rationality of belief in the Christian God. He brilliantly addresses the arguments of influential anti-theists such as Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. 320 pages, from Hodder & Stoughton. AP GE 292004 Paperback $16.99 Less 25% – Just $12.74* Making Sense Of God: An Invitation To The Sceptical Timothy Keller In this age of scepticism, why would anyone believe in Christianity? Timothy Keller shows both sceptics and believers how Christianity offers unsurpassed resources for meeting basic human needs – for meaning, satisfaction, freedom, identity, justice, and hope. 336 pages, from Hodder & Stoughton. AP GE 461315 Paperback $24.99 Less 25% – Just $18.74* Knowing God J I Packer Knowing God is one of the most significant and popular Christian publications of our time. J I Packer’s truly life-changing book has deepened the faith and understanding of millions of people around the world. This edition includes a helpful guide for those who want to use the book for individual or group study. 352 pages, from Hodder & Stoughton. CB GE 224202 Paperback $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* Concise Theology J I Packer Christian theology is not just a system of beliefs; it’s a way of life. This introduction to 94 major Christian beliefs is thoughtfully arranged and refreshingly readable. Each concise study is just a couple of pages long and focuses on a unique facet of our great God and his wonderful plan for us. 267 pages, from Tyndale. *CONDITIONS PAGE 6 CB GE 160123 Paperback $16.99 Less 25% – Just $12.74* Doubter’s Guides John Dickson Together, these impeccably researched books from popular Bible scholar John Dickson offer easy-to-read insights on the overarching message of Scripture, and how it has influenced the culture and values of the Western world. Highly recommended! 224 pages each, from Zondervan. Paperback AP GE 411220 A Doubter’s Guide To The Bible: Inside History’s Bestseller For Believers And Sceptics $16.99 Less 25% – Just $12.74* 441841 A Doubter’s Guide To The Ten Commandments $16.99 Less 25% – Just $12.74* Christian Beliefs: 20 Basics Every Christian Should Know Wayne Grudem There are certain matters of doctrine – that is, the church’s teaching – that every Christian simply must know. This easy-to- read guide to the core beliefs that are essential for genuine Christian faith is a condensation of Wayne Grudem’s award- winning reference book, Systematic Theology. 160 pages, from IVP UK. CB GE 309268 Paperback $12.99 Less 25% – Just $9.74* SAVE 25% * Lee Strobel “Case For” 3-Pack Lee Strobel Award-winning journalist Lee Strobel draws on his own experience as a former hard-boiled sceptic to defend Christian belief effectively against sceptical objections. These best-selling books equip ordinary Christians with a powerful, up-to-date apologetics arsenal. Includes The Case for a Creator, The Case for Faith, and The Case for Christ. From Zondervan. 307533 Paperback Pack AP GE $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* Basic Christianity John Stott Who is Jesus? Here is a sound, sensible guide for all who seek an intel- lectually satisfying expla- nation of the Christian faith. “If Jesus was not God in human flesh, Christianity is exploded. We are left with just another religion with some beautiful ideas and noble ethics; its unique distinction has gone.” – John Stott. 192 pages, from IVP UK. CB GE 381794 Paperback $14.99 Less 25% – Just $11.24* What Christians Ought to Believe Michael F Bird Using the Apostle’s Creed as starting point, Michael Bird summarises the basic tenets of the Christian faith, covering the persons of the Trinity and the Church. He includes memorable illustrations and tips for application. An appendix contains the creed in its original Latin and Greek. 240 pages, from Zondervan. CB GE 441842 Hardback $29.99 Less 25% – Just $22.49* 9