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bargain shelf s u per savin g s | fro m li o n h u ds o n Investigating Jesus: An Historian’s Quest John Dickson Who wrote the New Testament and how soon after Christ was it written? Who decided which bits got included? This fascinating book takes us through what we can realistically know about Jesus from ancient pagan and Jewish writings as well as New Testament and near contem- porary Christian sources. 208 pages, from Lion. 298802 Hardback AP GE $14.99 Less 30% – Just $10.49* The A-Z Of C S Lewis Colin Duriez In this fascinating and definitive guide, prolific Lewis scholar Colin Duriez provides comprehensive coverage of the life and thought of Clive Staples Lewis. Arranged in alphabetical order, the entries go from ‘The Abolition of Man’ to ‘Wormwood’. A must-read resource for every Lewis enthusiast! 352 pages, from Lion Hudson. CL CS 376851 Hardback $14.99 Less 30% – Just $10.49* Introduction To World Religions (4th Edition) Edited by Christopher Partridge, Revised by Tim Dow ley Written by an international team of experts, this comprehensive, richly illustrated guide will help you understand the enormous diversity of religious beliefs and practices in our world today. A substantially revised edition of one of Lion’s best-selling handbooks. 536 pages, from Lion Hudson. 400295 Paperback REL GE $24.99 Less 30% – Just $17.49* Christian Music: A Global History Tim Dowley Music has played a key part in the history of Christianity, with many of the greatest composers creating music for worship. In this fasci- nating book, Tim Dowley traces the rich heritage of Christian music – from Jewish roots to chants, hymns, spirituals, and liturgical settings. 265 pages, from Lion. HIS GE 317478 Hardback $19.99 Less 30% – Just $13.99* The Lion Handbook Of Science And Christianity Edited by R J Berry This is a fully illustrated, authoritative survey of the entire history of the relationship between science and Christianity. A thorough introduction to the nature of scientific and theological enquiry is followed by an examination of each major scientific discipline and its engagement with Christianity. Fully illustrated. 288 pages, from Lion Hudson. 342493 Hardback SI GE $24.99 Less 30% – Just $17.49* The Archaeology Of The Bible James K Hoffmeier A beautifully illus- trated, expert guide to discoveries relevant to all Bible readers. Eminent Christian scholar Professor James Hoffmeier takes the reader on a fascinating and revealing journey through the archaeo- logical remains of the Ancient Near East – the world of the Bible. 192 pages, from Lion. BST AY 274325 Hardback $14.99 Less 30% – Just $10.49* SAVE 30% * Introduction To The History Of Christianity (2nd Edition) Edited by Tim Dowley Tim Dowley brings together an expert array of Christian scholars for this popular guide to the dramatic, intriguing, and often surprising story of Christians over their 2000-year journey. This edition features many new visuals, plus new articles on early Christianity and other updated text. 616 pages, from Lion Hudson. 400289 Paperback HIS GE $24.99 Less 30% – Just $17.49* Quest For God 3-Book Pack Keith Ward According to the New Atheism, belief in God is not only dangerous and irrational, but just plain stupid. In these cogently argued books, Oxford philosopher Keith Ward brilliantly debunks the notion that ratio- nality and intelligence are incompatible with Christian faith. Includes: Is Religion Irrational?, Is Religion Dangerous? and Why There Almost Certainly Is A God. 576 pages, from Lion Hudson. 479615 Paperback AP GE $16.99 Less 30% – Just $11.89* 7