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bargain shelf s u per savin g s | fro m li o n h u ds o n The Lion Atlas Of Bible History Paul Lawrence From the Bronze Age world of Abraham’s wanderings to the Roman Empire of Paul’s missions, the geography and cultures of the Bible are comprehensively presented in this terrific resource. Includes 96 maps, 143 colour photographs, 7 panoramic illustrations, and 16 site plans, plus battle plans and small artworks. 192 pages, from Lion Hudson. 246814 Hardback RE AE $24.99 Less 30% – Just $17.49* The Lion Guide To The Bible Peter Walker Explore the history, culture, and message of the world’s most influential book in this illuminating one-volume guide. Peter Walker takes the reader on an illumi- nating tour through all 66 books of the Bible, covering principal themes, main characters, and key passages. Richly illustrated in colour! 320 pages, from Lion Hudson. RE GE 303175 Hardback $19.99 Less 30% – Just $13.99* 6 Creation Or Evolution: Do We Have To Choose? (Revised & Expanded) Denis Alexander Are evolutionary theory and the biblical doctrine of creation incompatible? Cambridge biologist Denis Alexander argues that “the ‘Book of God’s Word’ and the ‘Book of God’s Works’ can be held firmly together in harmony.” Reasonable, engaging, and supremely well informed. 512 pages, from Lion Hudson. SI GE 412147 Paperback $14.99 Less 30% – Just $10.49* The Lion Concise Atlas Of Bible History Paul Lawrence, Edited by Richard I Johnson This handy sized atlas traces biblical history from the Patriarchs to Paul. It is illustrated with panoramic reconstructions, maps, and photographs, and includes articles on key topics, plus chronological charts, bibli- ography, gazetteer, glossary, and main index. 192 pages, from Lion Hudson. 351398 FlexiBack RE AE $12.99 Less 30% – Just $9.09* Christians And Evolution: Christian Scholars And Thinkers Change Their Mind Edited by R J Berry This book offers a pathway for doubters, sceptics and, Christians to embrace the overall scientific consensus of the evolutionary approach, while holding solidly and without reser- vation to the doctrines of God’s creation and God’s omnipotence. 256 pages, from Lion Hudson. SI GE 412138 Paperback $9.99 Less 30% – Just $6.99* SAVE 30% * Atlas Of The European Reformations Tim Dowley This definitive atlas is an invaluable companion to any study of the Reformation era. The material is presented in four sections: Before the Reformation, the Reformation – Lutheran, Reformed, English, and Anabaptist movements – Catholic Reform and Counter- Reformation, and Early Modern Europe. 160 pages, from Lion Hudson. 437816 Paperback RE AE $14.99 Less 30% – Just $10.49* The Great And Holy War: How World War I Changed Religion For Ever Philip Jenkins This groundbreaking analysis reveals how the nations and peoples involved in World War I viewed the conflict in religious terms – from holy war ideology to visions in the trenches. Jenkins shows how today’s global religious map has its origins in that war. 448 pages, from Lion Hudson. HIS GE 400292 Hardback $16.99 Less 30% – Just $11.89* C S Lewis: A Biography Of Friendship Colin Duriez You can learn a great deal about people from their friendships, and this is particularly the case with C S Lewis. In this unique biography, Colin Duriez explores Lewis’ life through the lens of his key relationships – with his brother Warnie, Janie Moore, J R R Tolkien, and the Inklings, Joy Gresham, and more. 256 pages, from Lion Hudson. CL CS 363910 Paperback $9.99 Less 30% – Just $6.99* *CONDITIONS: Discounts not available in conjunction with any other discount or offer. Discounts apply to indicated titles on pages 6–15 only. Discounts available 1st Februar y – 3rd April 2018, while stock lasts.