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r e c e n t bestsellers | classics + more Exile: A Conversation With N T Wright Edited by James M Scott According to N T (Tom) Wright, Jews of the second temple era saw themselves as caught in a paradox – restored to their land in Israel, yet still in exile under Roman rule. This volume presents essays from leading scholars engaging with Wright’s thesis that this paradox is key to understanding Jesus and Paul. 336 pages, from IVP US. 477420 Hardback TH GE $34.99 Worship: The Reason We Were Created – Collected Insights From A W Tozer A W Tozer In this collection of writings, the starting premise is that human beings were created to worship God, and that we are most alive when we live for his glory. Tozer reflects insightfully on the act and object of worship, the presence of God, and the place of emotions in worship. 144 pages, from Moody Publishers. CL AW 481134 Paperback $19.99 A Nearly Infallible History Of The Reformation Nick Page With cutting-edge research and ready wit, ‘unlicensed’ historian Nick Page presents an account of the Reformation that is a true page-turner. You’ll not find a more lively guide to this pivotal phase in world history! “You were predestined to read this.” – John Calvin. 464 pages, from Hodder & Stoughton. 463607 Hardback HIS GE $29.99 A Little Book On The Christian Life John Calvin, Translated by Burk Parsons For centuries, disciples young and old have turned to this book for guidance in the Christian life. Today, it remains unique in its clear exposition of God’s calling for Christians to pursue holiness, endure suffering, and fulfil their callings. This is a book for every Christian to pick up, read, and apply. 132 pages, from Reformation Trust. CL GE 477301 Paperback $9.99 As Kingfishers Catch Fire: A Conversation On The Ways Of God Formed By The Words Of God Eugene H Peterson In this collection of writings, Eugene Peterson seeks to stir the biblical imagination and commu- nicate the ‘full counsel of God’. In seven sections, he walks readers through Scripture and offers fresh insights on familiar biblical figures. 400 pages, from Hodder & Stoughton. 481197 Paperback TH GE $24.99 Mass Destruction: Is God Guilty Of Genocide? Melvin Tinker Finding warm and comforting words in Scripture comes easily to us. But there is a ‘darker side’ to the Bible that cannot simply be brushed under the carpet. If we are to take God’s Word seriously and handle it with integrity, we must face God’s anger and judgement honestly. This book helps readers to do just that. 114 pages, from Evangelical Press. CW SI 481046 Paperback $12.99 Mere Christianity: 65th Anniversary Edition C S Lewis Based on Lewis’ radio broad- casts during World War II, Mere Christianity is the most popular of Lewis’ non-fiction works. It provides an unequalled oppo rtunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to absorb a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith. This deluxe hardcover edition is an ideal gift. 256 pages, from Harper Collins. 483926 Hardback CL CS $29.99 Seven Leaders: Preachers And Pastors Iain H Murray This volume celebrates seven heroes of Reformed faith and their distinctive emphases: John Elias (the Holy Spirit), Andrew Bonar (communion with Christ), Archie Brown (love), Kenneth MacRae (faithfulness), Martyn Lloyd-Jones (doctrine), W J Grier (the ‘sacred deposit’), and John MacArthur (Scripture). 296 pages, from Banner of Truth. LM CL 484849 Hardback $29.99 placed online before 1pm AEDT (business days) are shipped the same day. r e l e a s e s Faith In A Time Of Crisis: Standing For The Truth In A Changing World Vaughan Roberts with Peter Jensen Two leading voices in Anglicanism – Vaughan Roberts and Peter Jensen – combine decades of theological reflection and pastoral experience to explore what the Bible really says about standing firm for Gospel truth in a world that distorts and denies it, and in a Church often quick to compromise. 152 pages, from Matthias Media. CW GE 484055 Paperback $16.99 5