The Koorong Catalogue Food for Thought - Page 16

new and noteworthy releases Preparing For Easter: Fifty Devotional Readings From C S Lewis C S Lewis Featuring fifty carefully selected excerpts from the best of C S Lewis’ classic works, this handy volume has been designed to help readers fully appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his joyous resurrection. Each concise selection draws on a major theme in Lewis’ writings on Christian belief and the life of faith. 224 pages, from Harper Collins. CL CS 490382 Hardback $29.99 The Natural History Of The Bible: A Guide For Bible Readers And Naturalists Peter Goodfellow With chapters on physical geography, trees and shrubs, herbs and flowers, mammals, birds, and other creatures, this book offers a comprehensive view of the diverse natural environment referred to in Scripture. The author is an expert naturalist who has published extensively on birdwatching. 208 pages, from John Beaufoy Publishing. RE GE 481833 Hardback $29.99 Celebrating The Reformation: Its Legacy And Continuing Relevance Edited by Mark D Thompson, Colin Bale & Edward Loane The Reformation is not a dead movement but a living legacy that still inspires disciples of Christ. The seventeen contributors to this collection of essays cover the chief Reformers, key doctrines, and retrospective views of the movement, always with an eye to current relevance. 432 pages, from Apollos. HIS GE 178365 Paperback $29.99 Part of Bible Society Australia group. FF T181 468977 Devotional Hardback / Introduction by Timothy Keller $24.99 468978 Catechism Paperback / Introduction by Kathy Keller $9.99 TH CF The New City Catechism These resources draw inspiration from the age-old church practice of teaching doctrine through defined question-answer lists. The catechism itself sets out a 52-point doctrinal summary, reinforced by the devotional with contributions from contemporary Reformed pastors and historic theologians. 240 and 128 pages, from Crossway. 16 new bookS, TEXTBOOK SALE, and MORE f o o d for t h o u g h t