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te x tb o o k s a le | i n fo r m ati o n & r efer en c e bargain shelf SAVE 25% * Commentary On The New Testament Use Of The Old Testament Edited by G K Beale & D A Carson The New Testament contains many Old Testament allusions. This unique commentary helps to clarify these references for modern readers. 1,280 pages, from Baker. 263762 Hardback BST NT $59.99 Less 25% – Just $44.99* Apollos Bible Dictionaries This brilliant series from Apollos offers a highly economical way of building a top rate biblical reference library. Each volume is so much more than just a dictionary – it’s a versatile, many-faceted compendium of the very best evangelical scholarship on the Scriptures, specially tailored for the needs of today’s students!   Hardback BST OT / NT 185184 Dictionary Of The Old Testament Pentateuch 236780 Dictionary Of The Old Testament Historical Books 275383 Dictionary Of The Old Testament Wisdom, Poetry & Writings 353812 Dictionary Of Old Testament Prophets 380630 Dictionary Of Jesus & The Gospels (2nd Edition) 65564 Dictionary Of Paul & His Letters 116384 Dictionary Of The Later New Testament & Its Developments 158094 Dictionary Of New Testament Background $59.99 each Less 25% – Just $44.99 each* New Bible Commentary (4th Edition) Edited by D A Carson, R T France, J A Motyer and G J Wenham A straightforward, down-to- earth whole-Bible commentary. This fourth edition has been completely revised and updated. 1,455 pages, from IVP UK. 71077 Hardback 1VC WH $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* New Bible Dictionary (3rd Edition) Edited by I H Marshall, A R Millard, J I Packer and D J Wiseman An A-Z of Bible terms and concepts by over 150 top Christian scholars! It includes a fully revised index, illustrations, maps, and line drawings. 1,323 pages, from IVP UK. 100118 Hardback RE DT $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* Expository Dictionary Of Bible Words Edited by Stephen D Renn Reap the benefits of Hebrew and Greek expertise without years of study!  This treasure trove of word studies for key English Bible terms is referenced according to the Revised Strong’s Numbering System. 1,200 pages, from Hendrickson. 313913 Hardback LA GE $34.99 Less 25% – Just $26.24* The Baker Illustrated Bible Reference Work Series Comprehensive, reliable, and illustrated in colour, these are ideal one-stop references for the general Bible reader. Each features expert insights from leading evangelical scholars. Hardback 1VC WH / RE HN / RE DT 319728 Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook 367784 Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary 332714 Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary $39.99 each Less 25% – Just $29.99 each* *CONDITIONS PAGE 6 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible James Strong A classic reference work for every Bible reader! This edition features updated Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, maps, words of Christ in red, and edge-tab indexing for handier use. 1,552 pages, from Hendrickson. 288281 Hardback RE CC $29.99 Less 25% – Just $22.49* 15