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bargain shelf tex tbook sale | ministry + worldview Christian Counselling (3rd Edition) Gary R Collins Written with clarity and sensitivity, this proven pastoral counselling handbook covers such topics as: legal, ethical and moral issues in counselling; multicultural and multiracial issues; dealing with death and grief; conflict and relationships; substance abuse; crises and trauma; and more. 768 pages, from Thomas Nelson. 237182 Paperback CC CC $39.99 Less 25% – Just $29.99* A Spectator’s Guide To World Views: Ten Ways Of Understanding Life (3rd Edition) Edited by Simon Smart How do I make sense of a world that believes that all truth is relative, or that people are essentially good, or that we can each work it out on our own? This book describes and responds to today’s most influential world- views, including Secular Humanism, New Age, and Postmodernism. 254 pages, from Anglican Press Australia. PH GE 446667 Paperback $24.99 Less 25% – Just $18.74* Pastoral Care: An Essential Guide John Patton The pastor’s distinctive task is to care for those who are estranged – the lost sheep. This book gives a brief, accessible introduction to the essence of pastoral ministry in today’s context, covering four major kinds of lostness: grief, illness, abuse, and family challenges. 128 pages, from Abingdon Press. 230379 Paperback CC CC $29.99 Less 25% – Just $22.49* Moral Choices: An Introduction To Ethics (3rd Edition) Scott B Rae This standard ethics text grounds readers in both the theory of ethics and its application in today’s complex postmodern culture. Issues covered include abortion, sexuality, the morality of war, euthanasia, capital punishment, genetic technologies and human cloning, and ethics and economics. 384 pages, from Zondervan. CW GE 287080 Hardback $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* Together Through The Storm: A Practical Guide To Christian Care Sally Sims For Christians, our concern to help others is often hindered by fears – of doing the wrong thing and making things worse, or getting out of our depth. Sally Sims draws on her background in nursing, research, and pastoral care to offer practical guidance on effective caring. 144 pages, from Matthias Media. 466940 Paperback CC CC $16.99 Less 25% – Just $12.74* Introducing Christian Ethics: A Short Guide To Making Moral Choices Scott B Rae Based on the best- selling ethics textbook Moral Choices, this primer distils Christian ethical theory into a user-friendly form. Fourteen key ethical questions are addressed, covering abortion, war, sexuality, capital punishment, bioethics, politics, business, and economics. 134 pages, from Zondervan. CW GE 441764 Paperback $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* 25% * God’s Love In Action: Pastoral Care For Everyone Jill McGilvray Jesus’ teachings on the primacy of love make it abundantly clear that caring is not an optional extra for Christians. But it can be hard to know how to care. This helpful book provides a wide range of biblical, practical tools for those who are serious about authentic pastoral care. 80 pages, from Acorn Press. 472994 Paperback CC CC $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* The Universe Next Door (5th Edition) James Sire In a world of increasing diversity, this modern classic provides clear, concise introductions to the various worldviews that compete with Christianity for the allegiance of minds and hearts. Topics include: theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern monism, Marxism, and postmodernism. 296 pages, from IVP UK. PH GE 300209 Paperback $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* Affiliate Program. Please email for information. SAVE Joined-Up Life: A Christian Account Of How Ethics Works Andrew J B Cameron In this lucid, innovative exploration of ethics, Andrew Cameron shows clearly how Jesus Christ is the wellspring of all ethical conduct, and that identifying with him brings order and clarity to our cluttered, tumul- tuous lives. As Cameron writes, in Jesus we find “our best humanity”. 336 pages, from IVP UK. CW GE 317476 Paperback $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* *CO N D ITIO N S PAG E 6 13