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tex tbook sale | scripture + church history How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth (4th Edition) Gordon D Fee and Douglas Stuart In clear, simple language, this book helps you accurately under- stand the different parts of the Bible – their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for you today. The revisions in this edition keep pace with current scholarship, resources, and culture. 304 pages, from Zondervan. 397976 Paperback SR GE $22.99 Less 25% – Just $17.24* The Story of Christianity Volume 1 (2nd Edition) Justo Gonzalez This fascinating narrative history skilfully examines key theological develop- ments and figures – from all church traditions – in their wider social, political, and economic contexts. Volume One covers the first fifteen centuries of the church. 538 pages, from Harper Collins. HIS GE 302338 Paperback $44.99 Less 25% – Just $33.74* Also available: 309805 Volume 2 $44.99 Less 25% – Just $33.74* 12 How To Read The Bible Book By Book (4th Edition) Gordon D Fee and Douglas Stuart An engaging guided tour through the Scriptures. For each Bible book, the authors start with a quick snapshot, then widen the view to help you understand its key elements and how it fits into the bigger picture. An ideal stand-alone guide to reading and comprehending the Bible or companion to How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. 448 pages, from Zondervan. 397977 Paperback SR GE $22.99 Less 25% – Just $17.24* Church History In Plain Language (4th Edition) Bruce L Shelley This classic bestseller makes the complexities of two millennia of church history easy to follow and retain. Dr Shelley’s style is clear, lively and almost story- like – as dramatic and moving as a novel. He presents the Christian story in eight great ages, and takes it right up to the present day. Outstanding! 560 pages, from Thomas Nelson. HIS GE 353410 Paperback $34.99 Less 25% – Just $26.24* Grasping God’s Word (3rd Edition) J Scott Duvall and J Daniel Hays Following a middle path between technical detail and concise simplicity, this user- friendly resource helps readers get a grip on the solid rock of Scripture – how to read it, how to interpret it, and how to apply it. This is a book for all those who are serious about gaining a mature understanding of God’s Word. 464 pages, from Zondervan. 343799 Hardback SR HE $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* Introduction To The History Of Christanity (2nd Edition) Edited by Tim Dowley This is an update of Tim Dowley’s Lion History of Christianity, a hugely popular guide to the dramatic, intriguing, story of Christians over their 2000-year journey. It features many new maps, photos, illustra- tions, charts, timelines, and articles. 688 pages, from Fortress Press. HIS GE 379711 FlexiBack $24.99 Less 25% – Just $18.74* bargain shelf SAVE 25% * The Book That Made Your World Vishal Mangalwadi Philosopher Vishal Mangalwadi takes readers on an historical journey through the last millennium, exploring the many ways in which the Bible shaped European culture. Discover how the Word of God contributed to the aspects of “Western civili- sation” that are so admired and emulated globally. 464 pages, from Thomas Nelson. 365119 Paperback SR GE $19.99 Less 25% – Just $14.99* Church History #1 From Christ To The Reformation (2nd Edition) Everett Ferguson et al. Filled with maps, charts, and illustrations, Church History examines the integral link between world history and the spread and development of Christianity. 544 pages, from Zondervan. HIS GE 384425 Hardback $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* Also available: 371526 Church History #2 From Pre-Reformation To The Present Day $59.99 Less 25% – Just $44.99* The Works Of Josephus Flavius Josephus, Translated by William Whiston The writings of the first century Jewish historian Josephus are essential sources for understanding the times of Jesus and the early church. Here, in one volume, complete and unabridged, is William Whiston’s classic translation of these fascinating works. A must for students of the New Testament. 800 pages, from Hendrickson. HIS GE 233162 Hardback $24.99 Less 25% – Just $18.74* Create a customised page for your church, college, or ministry at with the Koorong