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F O O D for T H O U G H T Evangelical Dictionary Of Theology (3rd Edition) Edited by Daniel Treier and Walter Elwell Since its first publication in 1986, this dictionary has established itself as the first-stop theological reference for theologians, pastors, and students. Now thoroughly updated, it provides authoritative information on every aspect of systematic, historical, biblical and philosophical theology. 976 pages, from Baker. TH DT 481011 Hardback $49.99 Determined To Believe? The Sovereignty Of God, Freedom, Faith, And Human Responsibility John Lennox This detailed study addresses the question of how God’s sovereignty relates to human freedom and responsibility. John Lennox defines the problem, then equips readers with biblical teaching on the issue, and explores the range of theological views on it. A fresh perspective on a perennial debate. 368 pages, from Monarch. TH GE 490955 Paperback $19.99 New International Commentary On The New Testament: The Letter To Philemon Scot McKnight In this first for the NICNT series, the epistle to Philemon is the subject of a stand-alone commentary, instead of the typical grouping with other epistles. Scot McKnight addresses the issue of slavery raised in this controversial letter, helping pastors and scholars to see it in a fresh way. 160 pages, from Eerdmans. NTC 57 486093 Hardback $34.99 Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God And Changed The World Eric Metaxas From #1 New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas comes a brilliant biography of arguably the most influential person in modern history. Written in riveting prose and impeccably researched, it tells the searing tale of a humble man who, by bringing ugly truths to the highest seats of power, caused an explosion whose sound still rings in our ears. BG GE 498537 Paperback $24.99 Meditations On The Trinity: Beauty, Mystery, And Glory In The Life of God A W Tozer This magnificent volume brings together excerpts from the beloved writings of A W Tozer. The daily readings are arranged in four parts, covering each person of the Trinity and the divine unity of the Godhead. Features: two-colour interior, ribbon marker, and slipcase. 320 pages, from Moody Publishers. CL AW 481145 Hardback $24.99 Reading The Bible With John Stott John Stott, with Andrew T Le Peau In his commentaries written for the The Bible Speaks Today series, the late John Stott combined a warmly personal faith with insightful scholarship, in a highly readable style. This series arranges Stott’s classic commentaries into weekly studies just right for devotional reading and small groups! From IVP US. Paperback NTC 48 / 49 / 54 477402 Reading Galatians With John Stott / 9 studies $12.99 477401 Reading Ephesians With John Stott / 11 studies $12.99 477403 Reading Timothy And Titus With John Stott / 13 studies $12.99 inside 30% off bestsellers from lion hudson + 25% off top tex tbooks On sale 1st February – 3rd April 2018, while stock lasts. Koorong Sale Catalogue Issue #3 2018 PRINT POST APPROVED: 100007492 THE CHRISTIAN RESOURCE SPECIALISTS