The Koorong Catalogue (Bible & Bible Reference) - Page 12

25% Bestselling Bible commentaries off* 18 74 EACH 14 99 EACH Reading The Bible Today Commentary Series Paul Barnett Paul Barnett’s clear and insightful commentaries combine devotional depth with a uniquely cogent grasp of historical context. Paperback 447479 Mark: The Servant King NTC 41 $24.99 237382 John: The Shepherd King NTC 43 $24.99 Less 25% – Just $18.74 each* 445152 Philippians & Philemon: Joy In The Lord NTC 50 225586 Revelation: Apocalypse Now & Then NTC 66 $19.99 each Less 25% – Just $14.99 each* 13 49 EACH God’s Word For You Commentary Series Timothy Keller With reflection questions that are ideal for small groups or daily devotions, these flexible Bible guides are also useful for individual study and message preparation. Paperback 382613 Judges For You OTC 07 398424 Romans 1-7 For You NTC 45 422709 Romans 8-16 For You NTC 45 367927 Galatians For You NTC 48 $17.99 each Less 25% – Just $13.49 each* 12 74 EACH The Bible Speaks Today Commentary Series John Stott These highly acclaimed expositions interpret the Bible accurately and apply it to life today. Stott’s brilliant evangelical scholarship is presented in a highly accessible format. Paperback 39126 The Message Of The Sermon On The Mount NTC 40 70312 The Message Of Acts NTC 44 72622 The Message Of Romans NTC 45 39121 The Message Of Ephesians NTC 49 $16.99 each Less 25% – Just $12.74 each* 12 37 49 New Bible Commentary (4th Edition) Edited by D A Carson, R T France, J A Motyer and G J Wenham “The New Bible Commentary offers a clear and concise explanation of the meaning of every book and every passage in the Bible... It represents decades of sound biblical scholarship made acces- sible to the 21st century reader. It is an absolute gold mine.” – Rev Dr Mark Stibbe. 1VC WH 71077 Hardback $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* 74 99 PACK The Wiersbe Bible Commentary 2-Volume Set Warren W Wiersbe Dr Warren Wiersbe guides you through the life-changing truth of God’s Word, verse by verse. Study the scriptures in easy-to-read sections that emphasise personal application. The included CD-Rom contains the full text of the books with easy-to- use search capabilities. 1VC WH 265593 Hardback $99.99 Less 25% – Just $74.99* 29 99 Baker Illustrated Bible Commentary Edited by Gary M Burge and Andrew E Hill Comprehensive, reliable, and richly illustrated, this one-volume commentary on the whole Bible is the ideal one-stop reference for the general reader. Based on the NIV Bible text, this non-technical commentary offers expert interpretation from 43 leading evangelical scholars. 1VC WH 332714 Hardback $39.99 Less 25% – Just $29.99* 29 99 Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible Matthew Henry This is the only original and unabridged one-volume edition of Matthew Henry’s famous whole-Bible commentary. The commentary of choice for generations of Bible students since its publi- cation three centuries ago, it is a perfect blend of practical application, devotional insight, and scholarship. 1VC WH 277559 Hardback $39.99 Less 25% – Just $29.99* 37 49 Believer’s Bible Commentary (2nd Edition) William MacDonald This insightful, easy- to-read, verse-by-verse commentary covers the entire Bible, with plenty of resource material for more advanced students and teachers. The standpoint is doctrinally conservative, though alternative views are addressed fairly. The Bible version cited is the NKJV. Revised 2016. 1VC WH 429006 Hardback $49.99 Less 25% – Just $37.49* 29 99 The New Matthew Henry Commentary Matthew Henry Edited by Martin Manser With its wealth of explanations, metaphors, analogies, and insights, this one-volume commentary – first published three centuries ago – remains the most generally useful Bible study resource. This edition brings Henry’s reflections to today’s readers in accessible, contemporary English. 1VC WH 304690 Hardback $39.99 Less 25% – Just $29.99* LOOKING FOR THE IDEAL GIFT? Our Gift Cards and instant eVouchers are suitable for any occasion.