The Kimberley School Newsletter October 2015 - Page 8

English News DH Lawrence Poetry Competition Harry entered the D.H..Lawrence Poetry Competition and came 2nd with his poem based on the theme of ‘love.’ He won a National Book Token for £40. For The Love of Words Millions of years ago, when man was not around, When dinosaurs roamed freely, there was only sound. Millions of years later, came mankind’s birth; Words began to leave their imprint on the silent earth. With each new life words create mass confusion, But loved ones calm their child’s delusion. Next, at school, children learn words can be cruel, By abusing this human power they quickly learn to rule. Now a teen, words become an ally, a weapon, As the world opens up, the next stage beckons! Being an adult, with their own children to inspire, Through books, talk and writing, words spread like wild fire. After the struggle, here comes the golden time of your long awaited pension, Words in emails, phone calls and crosswords sustain loved ones affection. Now the final stage has come, words are few a whisper, Words from others and memories of the past heal the painful soul’s blister. Millions of years later, when man is not around, No creatures roam freely, there are no words… no sound. By Harry Holmes (Age 12) Attention All Year 11 Students The English Faculty recommend the following revision books to help GCSE students succeed in their GCSE English exam: These revision books can be bought from any member of the English Faculty at a cost of £3.00. There are many useful websites to help with revision too. Last year, our GCSE students found useful as it contains video clips, podcasts and links to useful ebooks. See your teacher for further details or buy it at the Year 11 Parents’ Evening. Reading and Writing Clubs Reading and Writing (R.A.W) Club is held on Thursdays 3:15 - 4pm in the LRC. There is also a Boys’ Creative Writing Club that runs at the same time, which is run by some of our Sixth Form students.