The Kimberley School Newsletter July 2015

News@Kimberley Founded 1925 July 2015 Issue 44# A record of the life of the school, its duties and pleasure, its work and play; a chronicle of endeavour and achievement out all abng Read exciti our andic Icel ture n adve the on read! e-sp centr Head’s Lines A big thank you to two long-serving teachers Miss Smith and Mrs Taylor have been with our school for a combined total of 47 years. A great many people in our community will know them and will have been taught by them! In my time at the school, over the past eight years, I have always found two reliable, experienced and dedicated colleagues and we will miss them. I was delighted when Miss Smith agreed to take over as Head of the maths faculty a few years ago and, under her leadership, it is no surprise that we have seen the results rise. This is a trend Mrs Phillips, our new Head of Maths, is confident will continue. However, Miss Smith’s greatest claim to fame must surely be her annual orchestration of the Twelve Days of Christmas. She has been responsible for sending generations of Kimberley children off on their Christmas holiday full of festive cheer. As Head of Arts, Mrs Taylor has not only been responsible for developing the skills that enable Newdigate Street • Kimberley • our students to produce the outstanding art we see around school, but also for managing the wonderful shows we have come to expect. Behind the scenes, Mrs Taylor has been responsible for supporting the PTA and it is fair to say it would not have survived without her continued enthusiasm and dedication. Fortunately for the school, we are not losing her experience and passion for the school completely, as she will be teaching in a part-time capacity next year. I’m sure her support will be invaluable to Mr Fulwood, our new Head of Arts, who joins us in September. The holidays are almost upon us. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic summer. I hope our students will take the opportunity to read a book or two and also make sure they use some of their spare time to help out at home! Stay safe and come back ready to do your best in September. Nottingham Chris Teal - Headteacher • NG16 2NJ • 0115 938 7000