The Kimberley School Newsletter July 2014

News@Kimberley Founded 1925 July 2014 Issue 39# A record of the life of the school, its duties and pleasure, its work and play; a chronicle of endeavour and achievement Head’s Lines Thank you, Mrs McLardie! Few people have better first-hand experience of the changes we have seen at our school than Mrs McLardie, who retires this term after many years of committed service to the young people of our community. I caught up with her for an interview! How long have you worked here? I joined the school in 1974, one year after it became a comprehensive. My first classroom was in T14 which was then a room divided into two with Food being taught in one half and Textiles in the other. The thinking of the time was that I could teach both subjects at the same time! When I arrived, all D&T subjects were taught for either all morning or all afternoon which was bliss! My tutor room was the space upstairs in Lower School which would be at the front of room 29 and around the lift shaft. No doors, which again was the modern way back then. What was the fashion when you started? No women wore trousers to work; they wore either a smart dress or skirt. Fashion out of work consisted of maxi dresses. Strange how trends repeat themselves! 7 each morning, as I was a little afraid of being on the bus when all the Kimberley students got on! I was only 21 it has gone from strength to strength. at the time and a very nervous teacher. The first time one of our Food What did you teach? I taught Home students went to university to study the Economics and Needlework (Food and subject to degree level was also very Textiles) to Year 7 and 8 in my first 2 memorable. years as young teachers were not What changes have had the biggest allowed exam classes. effect on teaching? I can always What was the equipment like? Basic! remember the first Head I taught We had one food mixer in each Food under, Frank Collier, coming into my room and one year the PTA bought lesson with a pen and a piece of paper me a food processor which was very no bigger than A5 to ask for my predictions about grades of my exciting. students. That was the extent of data Where was the department based analysis back then! back then? All over the school. In Lower School, T14 was Food/ It’s very clear there have been huge Textiles and T13 was RM. Technical changes over the years and if our Drawing was in what is now the PE current pupils were transported back, room and Woodwork and Metalwork there’s no doubt they would be lost – had just moved into what is now the lost not knowing how to get around, not Science block at the back of the knowing how to use a fountain pen and computer rooms. The Community not having a computer to find things Room was another Food room, as was out. The changes continue. I hope H1. Textiles was in H5. you have been able to see the front Of all the recipes you’ve taught of school, much of which has been students to cook which is your restored to what it must have looked favourite? I used to love the like when built, but double glazed. It is Christmas practical lessons as the certainly a transformation and I hope emphasis in those days was the it contributes to the pride we all feel in intricate piping on the cakes which our school for years to come. As a year looked lovely. We would always put nine girl shouted to a visiting year two them on show in Reception. One year last week, “It’s a great school – you’ll though, we put the Christmas logs in love it!” Who was at number one? Carl Douglas with Kung Fu Fighting. Ask your grandparents! Not my favourite, I must admit, but looking at the charts and the weather was unseasonably earlier in the year David Essex appears warm! You can guess the outcome. and he was a favourite. What’s your most memorable How did you get to school back in moment? Introducing Health and those days? 2 buses each way and Social Care to our school. We were I was never late. I left home at about one of the pilot schools. Over the years Newdigate Street • I wish students and their families a restful summer, come rain or shine and I look forward to seeing you all back safely in September. Kimberley • Nottingham • NG16 2NJ Chris Teal Headteacher • 0115 938 7000