The Kimberley School Newsletter February 2015

News@Kimberley Founded 1925 Feb 2015 Issue 42# A record of the life of the school, its duties and pleasure, its work and play; a chronicle of endeavour and achievement Head’s Lines Department for Education visit The Kimberley School We have been working hard since the summer to ensure the exam results for our current year eleven cohort are good and reflect the ability and work ethic of our fantastic students. I was delighted, therefore, to have the opportunity to showcase the work we are doing to two “Inspectors” from the DfE. They spent a day in school, talking to students, staff and Governors about the quality of teaching and the wider experience the school offers. They were keen to point out that they recognised the work that has been done and the progress we have made towards ensuring all GCSE results are back on track next year. We were all delighted by the positive feedback they gave us at the end of the day, referring to the Year 11 student panel as open, polite and helpful – marvellous ambassadors. The students were Newdigate Street • clear that their time at the school has heightened their aspirations. They observed that there is good leadership at all levels, seeking to improve the school. The Governing Body was identified as being clearly ambitious, experienced and insightful. In particular, they said how much they had enjoyed the visit and how welcoming the school had been. They saw harmonious relationships between students and staff, and students that were engaged in their work in the classrooms visited. In conclusion, they said, “it is evident that it is a hard-working, committed school intent on improvement.” The leader of the team added, “I can see why the community here want to use your school and like coming here.” Kimberley • Nottingham • NG16 2NJ Chris Teal - Headteacher • 0115 938 7000