The Journey To Eternal Sunshine Journey To Eternal Sunshine - Page 40

"We were supposed to go to Dubai today - the children and me to give Derek some money, but after much deliberating we decided that maybe someone from his workplace will be going down and then there is western union. The children didn't go to school today due to the possible Dubai trip. I spoke to peter, Tasha and Marie last night, they seem in good spirits. Peters home is almost sold and they are looking in Chingford for a new home. All the best.

Spoke to Derek’s mum today. We were on the phone for ages. She also seems in good spirits. She says she misses us a lot and can't wait to see us in December.

I hope we well make it in December. Just to see friends and family.

I wonder how Derek’s day was... Well, it's 11:26 pm and no call from him this evening, and I am going to bed.

- 16/11/96