The Journey To Eternal Sunshine Journey To Eternal Sunshine - Page 39

"I am writing this two days late. It was a pretty normal Wednesday - school day. Akira had food tasting at school. Akira took rice and peas and chicken, other children took things like samosas, meatballs etc. I didn't realise that the balls were made of meat and they may have been the reason that Akira was sick that night all over my bed. It was everywhere - in her hair and all.

So I was up at 2 am in the morning cleaning sick and putting sheets and towels in the washing machine. You really need a strong stomach to be a mum. I don't think I could see Derek cleaning that up! Anyway, she seemed to sleep better for the rest of the night. I wonder what Derek’s doing now! Oh yeah, cornel and Sadiece brought home their school photos today, and they are quite nice. Makes a change