The Journey To Eternal Sunshine Journey To Eternal Sunshine - Page 37

"Another normal school day - up at 6 am, kids off at 7:15, did my 15 min workout - did some ironing. Picked up Akira at 1 pm. Cornel had detention today so I had to pick up Sadiece from school.

Made festival, beans and burgers for dinner. I wanted to visit the new plaza 'Hosn' around the corner but it got too late again. I think I better leave it till the weekend.

Maurice rang to find out when we were coming to England. I told him I wasn't sure, that it might be around the 10th of Dec but he suggested it might be the 2nd or 3rd as Derek said he might be there for Desmonds send off party.

It seems Maurice knows more than me!! Well, that's nothing new!"

- 17/11/97