The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 8

R FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK….. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” --Benjamin Franklin And so it is that we invite you to join us on this year’s Journey filled with both stories worth reading and deeds worth writing about! The editorial team of The Journey 2017-18 is delighted to present a kaleidoscopic collection of the literary talents of the young writers, poets, artists and achievers of Global Public School. As the school has grown from strength to strength so have the creative standards of our students. You will find as you meander through the pages of this volume, the proud achievements of each House, the record of Gold Standards set by our academic toppers, fantastic feats by our shining stars in the sports field, laurels won by talented gpsites on various stages- moments of tremendous pride and joy but always tempered with humility. That is the gps way. Bringing every photograph of school events and activities to life are the vibrant shades of our children’s enthusiasm and spirit of participation. All of them have in some small way or the other made the spirit of this school bigger and richer. Our young writers will surely surprise you with the originality of their thoughts and words. They have bared their hearts through their soulful poetry and shared their views on life, education and social issues with remarkable candour and honesty. The Journey of gps will continue on its destined path to an ever glorious future, and we will be here to tell the stories that will make it a journey worth sharing. It is said that “The Journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page.” Well, turn this page and lets start this Journey! Priyadarshini Rajkumar Editor global public school (Cover page Courtesy Shayne Manuel Meyn, V E) 8