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R ‘ To Be or Baby When I was much younger than I am today, I fancied what it would be like to have children. The idea of motherhood and parenting always seemed so noble, glorious and above all Adult! Finally, I could have my own pet. I imagined this bunch of cute little minions, permutation and combinations of my husband and myself. It was like a biological experiment I had in mind. The older generation added to my tapestry of fanciful thinking. Why, even now when I surf social media, I find the younger generation doing the same thing, there are cute baby pictures... EVERYWHERE!! There are pictures of these sweet cherubic chocolate smeared faces, grinning toothy smiles. Carefully edited out is the messed up rug, sofa or wall!! No one prepares you with the truth ...and I am not certain anyone can. The only thing that rings hard and clear are the mysterious “oh wait till you have kids!” Oh no! Don’t wait till then, it might be too late! Don’t get me wrong, I have two lovely girls who I love unconditionally. It was a constant self-doubt, am I feeding them right, am I teaching them right, am I spending enough time with them, am I exposing them to too much, do I know where their interest really lie? I don’t know. It’s my first time parenting you see. (I keep reminding them. it seems to put the onus on them too ) But what I do know is this, they learn by example and reason. I need to work on myself first; otherwise I am being a hypocrite. I need to listen to them, respect them, their thoughts and ideas. (parenting is Not a one way track ) I need to know when to step in and, when to step down. I need to know when to give in and when to let go. So for all those of you who are at “To be or baby,” now you know! :) Ashima Bhan Parent of Ava Arjun, grade 9-gps I. One big family... We have been like an extended family who have been cooperating for the well being of our child. Whenever we have approached, you have met us with open hearts and minds. My ward has achieved overall development under the able tutelage of his teachers. I would like to extend warm regards and respect for the whole GPS family for being there. Shivani Garg Parent of Kartikeya Patel, grade 4 Recollections... We had our two boys in school for last 2 years plus.Our view is highly positive on the School.There is plenty to mention, but I would like to specifically appreciate the student integration aspects School offered to us when we joined mid academic season. The balanced view of academic and non academic skills are something school provides in a friendly environment. Principals (senior and junior schools ) have been available always. While there are many good teachers, I want to express special thanks to teachers like Sreevidya Inder and Seema Venugopal, who walks the extra mile, with their enthusiastic involvement and consistent and kind support in ensuring the current/ future need of the pupil. Sanjeeve M K Parent of Karthik, grade 5 and Kashyap, gps I I remember... I remember the first day we came to Global Public School when we were looking for admission for our elder daughter Vedika. We enrolled her at a school closer to our residence as we had a younger toddler to care for as well. When both girls were ready for Primary , we shifted to GPS. Apart from the beautiful ambience; the ever-helpful faculty support and holistic approach to both work and play, is what has left an impression on us. We hope to see our children enjoy . Vidya Ramanath Parent of Vedika, grade 4 and Vishakha, grade 3. global public school 60