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R Imran Zubair Nalakath VII E Ria Manu Joseph, VI C Rainy days often get on my nerve Our car might slip on the curb When I walk on the pavement I might have an ugly trip Well I might do a backflip! I like to stay at home Even if I am alone I can watch a movie I might end up being more groovy! There are no crows Down in the meadows They might be having a nice nap After the rain the crows might fly with the rap! Umbrellas will be drifting on a person’s head If there is thunder everyone will have a threat Lightening will have a lot of destruction And there is no need for sun tan lotion! global public school Many of us think of art as, a subject, a talent, paintings, literature, drama etc. However, art is all around us. In everything we see there is art- buildings, movies, books, home decorations. We all can create art, in what we say, what we write, what we put on a canvas. Many inspirational people, are famous for their art. For example, Anne Frank, the talented German-born diarist, whose diary tells a story of what her life was like. She dreamt of being a journalist, she was not far from achieving her dream, as her talent of writing was remarkable. Another inspirational person is, Frida Kahlo, Mexican-born artist. When she was little, she was disabled due to polio. Then when she was eighteen, a bus accident left her in lifelong pain and medical problems. This did not stop her from expressing herself in the form of art. Music is also a form of art, it can make one’s day turn extremely joyful, change one’s mood. It can relieve stress and ease our mind. Similarly, books are forms of art, as it is literature. Here art is expressed in the forms of stories, poems, articles etc. Literature is great for entertainment, knowledge and creativity. In paintings, drawings etc we can see that pictures, illustrations, all have meanings to them. Some may not be understandable at first glance, however, when we think deeper about it, we realize that the beauty of something lies in the eyes of the ones witnessing it. As all these things are seen in our daily lives, this is why art is so important! While art may not be vital to fulfill our daily needs, it makes life joyful. We may not realize it, but we may always find ourselves immersed in the wonderful world of art! 58