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R Rebecca Sony Francis VI C There are many great characters in the Harry Potter series, but my favorite character has got to be Luna Lovegood. She may not be the most famous or the most important character, but Luna is great in her own ways. Harry meets Luna in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. At first Luna just seemed like that character who is just there, but throughout the rest of the series Luna turns out to be an important character. why she believes in creatures that don’t exist in the wizarding world) and loyal. This girl was kidnapped by Death Eaters and tortured for supporting Harry, yet she stood by him. She lost her mother, whom she was close to, at a young age. I could tell Luna is a very strong character, judging by the fact she lost her mom and got bullied, but she didn’t let that get in her way of being her and I respect her for that. One of the reasons Luna is my favorite character is because she has one of the most interesting personalities. Luna has a very strange/quirky/weird personality. She wears radishes for earrings, has weird clothing and believes in and talks to imaginary creatures her father teaches her about. Sadly, others didn’t treat her too good because of her quirky personality, they would call her Looney Lovegood. None of this seemed to bother her, she would just ignore them. This is very hard for anyone to do. What I love most about Luna is that she taught Harry and, in some ways, me that it is okay to be different. We live in a world where we are expected to be the same. It is nice to know that it is okay to be ourselves with our unique personalities. I know Harry thanks Luna for teaching him that because his daughter’s middle name is ‘Luna’. I too thank her for teaching me that. Luna is also very smart, open-minded (which is global public school Luna Lovegood is the quirkiest character in the Harry Potter series, but she is smart, funny and loyal too and that is why she is my favorite character. 57