The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 51

R Rishon Adattel XI A I’m curvy, I’m slender, I’m the two minute wonder. I was once everyone’s best friend But now, that has come to an end. My share of secrets I have kept Whether it be lead, MSG or the rest. I’m a traitor, I’m a scam! A pack of Maggi Noodles, I am! Manna Susan VIII E His little smile makes my day Even when there’s no other possible way He’s my little playful goof ball Who jumps up and down a wall His eyes as blue as the Caspian Sea Oh! how he hates the smell of freshly ground tea I feel unbelievingly blessed to have him He’s my only light when the others are dim He lays on my lap like a long lost child And we watch the wind blow, ever so mild To all the good times we’ve had Even though he drives me mad! How can I not be proud To call this young lad my own I know he’ll always be there Even though I don’t know where I hope he lives for a thousand years And help me live through all my tears. Oh, how he defines a Dog is man’s best friend, Me and my Kai till the end. global public school 51