The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 50

R Ardra Manoj X A Through the thick and the thin, I was guided, even when the light was dim. You cleared the darkness that stood before me You were the ever shining light for my eyes to see Even when I fell down onto the thorn beds of life. You grabbed me by my arm and set me upright When I had lost hope in all of humanity You were there to cure my insanity Past the greys of life we have ventured through Not knowing full well what we would do. But shall I say, at least you were willing to give me a hand Pulled me out you did, right out of the quicksand. And ever since I have been grateful For memories we have shared, both joyful and painful. These are the memories I would never trade anything for And I will never lose faith in you, even in the midst of a lion’s roar. And when everyone else has turned their backs on me You will always be there to fight for what we believe So, together we will tackle the obstacles of this maze we call life And you were the one who said I could venture beyond the sky And when the burdens of life have left me bleeding on the curb bend I know you will be there to heal my bruises and that is why I am proud to call you my friend. global public school 50