The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 49

R Prathyusha Madhu Grade XII GPS(I) Stars are just dying suns in tangled galaxies, life dripping down their surface, With an ocean heart that softly crashes u p and d o w n u p and d o w u p and d o w n n bringing comets and wishing-stars safely to the surface of the void so it’s not e m p t y as it seems to be Their roots have songs that glow with magic and braid the solar system together one planet after another, they echo through space and settle in little crevices like specks of dust that float in the air, flickering because with every breath they take, they shoot out fire (fire that once illuminated the world) Suryagayatri IX B It brings rest to the weary, Cheer to the glum Sunshine to the sad, In a palace or a slum. You can’t beg, borrow or steal it, Nor buy it, whatever you pay. For it has no value at all, Unless it’s given away. global public school 49