The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 48

R Ashley P 9 B ELIZABETH ROSE VARGHESE GRADE 12B Someone who runs before you, What is it to see, in an Eagle glide not to become a winner, Which fills our heart with so much pride? but to catch, before you fall. Someone who lends you a shoulder, Is it that it soars above the Earth? That steals us from our limits and dearth. not to gossip behind, but for you to cry down tears of lost happiness. Someone who fails to endorse your mistakes, Trapped in our sea of befuddling sludge We try and try but cannot budge. not to let you down, And then see a man, with such ease take wing but to make sure you reach for the stars. Up in a breeze that makes us sing? Someone to whom you whisper your secrets, not to let them out, but to keep them safe. From its height in the forest of snow Majestic – the Eagle soars alone Riding winds, lording clouds Someone who says that you are brave, Till dropping silent like a stone. not to flatter you, but to realize the inner strength. But we, so quick and ready of fold Someone who loves you the most, Give up our wings at the whiff of age not to showcase it, Losing years, cursing time, losing spirit but to cement you within the soul. Living out lives in a futile rage! And this proves the phrase : «««A FRIEND IN NEED IS ALWAYSA FRIEND INDEED»»» global public school 48