The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 46

R Joanna Sarah Mathew 8 B Alin Alias 8 E You made me dream of running, When I didn’t know how to walk. You taught me how to sing aloud, The night is shining bright When others my age couldn’t talk. With the help of the moon. You held my hand, With this light, it leads When I was about to fall. to our destination. You helped me rise, With this light, we see that And made me stand tall. The animals are resting in their homes. You held me tight, You look at the sky When I felt a scare. And no clouds are to be seen. You protected me, Just the stars shining from the evil glare. In the dark blue sky. You calmed me down, There are many things you can’t see When things spiraled out of control. But hear its voice. You taught me to dream, Like the flow of water, the cries of the And how to achieve my goal. animals. At last you reach home thinking About what happened today…night. global public school 46