The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 45

R Nandita Warrier 3 E Colourful pretty flowers, nice smelling roses. Beautiful little butterflies, flying around the flowers. Lots of big trees, with lots of noise. Children running and playing in the sunshine. And,…that’s my wonderful GARDEN. Zarah Susan Varghese 2 D global public school I have a baby brother, a year and a half old. But, for his age, he is very, very bold. His name is ‘Zion’, and he roars like a lion. At times he’s nice Not when he has to eat his veggies and rice. Under the table he loves to creep, Mama tries hard to put him to sleep. He loves to wear my shoes, even though it is very loose. When he runs, he’d trip and fall, And about my baby brother ‘Zion’, that’s all. 45