The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 44

R Anjali Maria 7 E I wish the night never came. The day’s brightness disappears And the darkness covers the place. The sun goes down And the moon comes out And with its scars on the way You can listen to the wolf’s howl And the bats flying around. When time comes to sleep But, wait, I hear a grumble Or, maybe, their footsteps Coming up the stairs It gives me a shiver every time And then I remember what Mom always says, It’s just a fear, so Close your eyes and let the night disappear. Ananya Sibi 8 Water Don’t give chances to people to break you by them calling you fat, ugly, dark, fair. Don’t let anyone break you by them saying that other people are more worthy than you. You should always understand that you are worthy enough than the people who say you don’t. You don’t have to own a good car, branded clothes or even branded products. You just need a kind heart in this cruel world to prove that you are really worthy enough. And always show that you love the way you are. global public school 44