The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 43

R Prathyusha Madhu Grade XII GPS(I) January- I am cold and I am sunflowers I am jarring and I am contrast One minute I feel the leftover blues of december calling me to look over the stash of faded polaroids and leaf through your photo book Akash Ajith IX D And the next I’m do-to-do lists and bulletin points, I am a new start- a fresh bloom of a tree, It’s the last day of school (nothing can stop me) I feel very cool, And I tell myself There’s a big grin on my face you’re only the beginning I have only one last day to face! and you will always be just I sit quietly in a corner a Trying to hide the sheer excitement beginning. I tap my fingers impatiently But when I meet you, February While thinking about the summer blissfully. I’m not just an introductory I’m melting snowflakes It’s the last period of the day And My grin still did not fade I’m pretty flowers I am at the edge of my seat And azure skies Then the moment of magic arrives! I become a story and every day I jump gleefully is a new chapter. And run down the steps joyfully I too, have a prologue, an epilogue I stand straight facing the afternoon sun and everything that comes in between Welcome summer, at last you have arrived! I too, have a story that spans for 365 days with the body that I am global public school 43