The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 41

R Nithin M 2 B Iyana Sam Thomas 9 C Walked I by the shining sea Kissing by the dancing waves. Red, yellow and orange sky, Smiling down upon from high. Golden sands stretch far beyond, Children play in careless glee; Warmed by the playful breeze, Watched by the Mother Ocean. Thought I of the life beneath, What a world of splendour, Boats of fishermen rowing home, Flocks of birds returning home, Thought I too of my own home Of all the love and warmth of home. Walked I by the shining sea Kissed by the dancing waves. global public school It all starts with a little comment about the way you dress, It follows up in the gossip columns of the school press. The next day it’s too late to recognize, that the rumours have broken all your friendship ties. The wildfire that spreads starts to consume you, because your friends can tell what’s a lie and what’s true. It affects your mind, sleep and time, You feel like an outcast looking in The knives pierce through your veins, Making you think of ways to change. How can you keep chaste? When you’re so sick of that melancholy taste. You look at it about a billion times, Before you realize The only problem was The mirror was tainted with their lies. So why was I so foolish? To fill my life With sorrow and tears When it was all just fine. I guess I should’ve listened to the voice inside, But it’s just so hard when your mind is occupied. Yes, it all started with you but ended with me, Because I thought no one could see the reality, The real me….. 41