The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 40

R Prathyusha Madhu Grade XII GPS(I) Prathyusha Madhu Grade XII GPS(I) I’m losing hope, lost in this sea that is too vast for my body; a vessel of my dreams. sea froth washes onto my lips, a hasty kiss, from the water nymphs it is soft and sweet, it is everything I want to be. they push me down under the wrecks and the reefs and ask me to call it home- the blue, the black, the green; the empty cavities that don’t let me breathe. I see the stars that hang from the sky, a constant reminder of what I should be but in this ocean that shape shifts, I am nothing but the air I breathe (I have no lungs, I have no dreams, there is no air that I can breathe) the stars live too far away and I am stuck in sail boats that drowned too soon, in stories the oysters keep near the broken recording of a heart that never beats. global public school Bolts of fire shoot across, like the power of Zeus I hold in these craters caved so far below, the roots of my existence scream- they bellow. Every dust particle is glazed with drops of the melting sun placed meticulously beside shrivelled up wildflowers with their taunting greens and cunning browns, the only colours you will find in my damned soul because I float, suspended in the air, with threads of hope to hang my body on. I wear beauty and grace like accessories, slipping it on slowly; carefully, mindful of the unparalleled flaws that I foster beneath these blue-green chemicals intertwined with the emptiness of my helium lungs. they beat alongside flickers of stars dancing in the sky, the mother of life singing lullabies in hushed tones- the sharps in waterfalls and bass in tornadoes. She strings words from the whispers of the wind and tells us how beautiful it is to even exist. This universe was made to be seen by our eyes; the children of god, the souls stitched with gold 40