The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 4

R Chairman’s MESSAGE “ L ook back to learn and Look forward to succeed “ is the wonderful maxim that has guided us. In retrospect the year 2017-’18 will go down in our annals as a year of consolidation. The infrastructure developments of the school seemed almost done, but excellence is a process isn’t it ? So we set about augmenting existing facilities. Thus evolved our spanking new library block, an exclusive Arts and Performing Arts Center and state of the art lab facilities in the International wing. A face lift to our lobby and reception area during the year were the other embellishments Our outstanding board exam results also proved beyond doubt that our academic team is both competent and committed. It was also very gratifying to see the performance of our pupils in sports, arts and cultural spheres. We are also going ahead with our plans to provide the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme shortly. These improvements have been mentioned only to convey that our quest for excellence will never cease and that our dream of nurturing the best global citizens to meet the challenges of the world is very alive. We will continue to strive harder with the support from all you well wishers in the years to come. A heartfelt thanks to all the parents, teachers, staff, vendors, and consultants whose support has been our strength and life blood. Mr. Jacob P Chairman global public school 4