The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 39

R Ashwin Menon XI A Rain drops falling on the window The love that transcends through the waves Each drop’s carefully crafted Washes over the shores of hate It rises effortlessly high on one day The impressions that were thought to be Falls in a struggle on another. Permanent, never to be seen again. The clouds that whisper The bead of sweat, a man toils That echo that we hear Under the sun thou shall never reap benefits, The sound of the tears that fall down Until the rain comes and goes Not salty, and sink to the ground. A drop of water washes his woes…. That rumble of disgust The earth that crackles dry That blooming of hate Parched and burnt and scorched That thunder and lightning within Soaked by rain and reinvigorated Hold back repressed emotions. Fresh for crops to grow and reap. Anger, hate and disgust makes An eminent person a human. global public school 39