The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 38

R Nitya Menon, 12 D You’re leaving, you say? So be it. For the past few hours I’ve given you a sense of direction- Somewhere to be, someone to be with. I, the more loyal one of us, for I have never left your side. You’ll soon be gone, without leaving a trace And then you’ll return, matching my pace. You may leave for your break, you won’t be missed. Though, how about leaving me a goodbye kiss? Leyah Ann 6 C Our Earth is special, there is just one, It gives us water, soil and other resources, People and animals share the land Let’s all lend a helping hand! You can save water, and plant a tree, Make a better home for you and me. Recycle things, don’t throw away, Make every day an Earth day. global public school 38