The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 35

R Zeba Manjali 3 B During the holidays we went to Chennai by plane. We went to Express Mall for shopping. The mall was very crowded. From Chennai, we went to Pondicherry by bus. My sister and I had a lot of fun in the sleeper bus. We stayed in Le Pondi. We saw a Christmas tree at the hotel. We went to the beach; we had a lot of fun. The next day all of went to Hidesign and my mother bought some bags. We also went to a museum. We then went back to Chennai. My mother, my sister and I were huddled on one bed. Ethan Basil Wilson 2 E Early, the next morning, we went to Saint Thomas’ Church. We saw the cave where Saint Thomas was killed. After that, we went to Phoenix Mall. My mother bought some dresses for me. We decided to take a bus back to Cochin. But, because of an accident we could not continue our journey by road and so, we took a flight to Cochin. We had to sleep at the airport since there were no tickets available at short notice. The next day we reached Cochin. liked the Splash Mountain the best. We all got wet after the ride. My sisters enjoyed meeting Anna and Elsa while my cousin, Dad and I waited for twenty minutes to get on the cars’ ride. We explored Radiator Springs and took a lot of pictures with our favourite characters. The best part of my holiday in USA was my trip to Disneyland. My whole family travelled from SFO to LA in a big, white van. We played games and sang songs. We rented a house where each room had our favourite cartoon theme. I picked my favourite – The Cars room. I loved my room. We finished our day with the fireworks and the night parade which had all my favourite Cars’ characters. We had a blast! The next day, we drove to Disneyland. We rushed to the rides before the lines grew long. In the picture you can see my sister enjoying the morning parade with the dancing Disney princesses. We went on a lot of rides. I global public school 35