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R Advaith A 2 A Susan Abraham 11 C Have you seen a long canyon? The canyon has many hills and plateaus. Believe it! It’s a canyon that is 446 kilometers carved by the Colorado River. The name of the canyon is The Grand Canyon in Arizona, the United States of America. My mom, my dad and I visited the Grand Canyon last year. We went for the helicopter ride first. The helicopter took us over the Grand Canyon to get a better view of it. We took the ride to reach the Colorado River because there was a boating station on the side of the river. We went inside the boat and saw the Grand Canyon from both sides. We got out of the boat and waited until another helicopter took us to a higher place of the Canyon. We saw that the Grand Canyon is very wide stretching and stretching and stretching all over the place. After that, we went to the bus station and waited for the bus. When the bus came, we went to the parking station and went back. Believe me, it was the most beautiful place I have ever been to and do you know why? It was very colourful and big. global public school No matter who you ask, everyone says they have a dream travel destination, some place that sparks their curiosity. But, travelling and visiting new places is a lot more than just sightseeing. Listed below are three reasons why travelling is more than just a visual experience. 1. It introduces new cultures and dynamics. When you travel you learn about other cultures, other traditions and communities. It helps develop your communication skills. 2. It widens your educational skills. Hitler’s reign of terror feels a lot more real and not just like a story in a book when you stand in the gas chambers of Auschwitz concentration camp. Travelling makes history come alive. It turns what once were boring history lessons into unforgettable memories. 3. It helps you see the bigger picture. Travelling opens your eyes to the suffering that millions endure. The stories in the newspaper take a whole new meaning when you see it with your own eyes. And it compels you to help people and give back to society. 34