The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 33

R Joshua 1 D We have so many pets. My Appapa’s house is a farm. We have a pup named Tramp. We have three dogs. My dogs’ names are Blacky, Donna and Choco. We also have many hens, turkeys and guinea hens. We have nine goats. My hamster, Jumpy, is very cute. We have three ponds. In it, there are many fishes which we can eat. My Appapa has so many trees. There is a vegetable garden from which we get fresh vegetables. Altogether, I love my Appapa’s farm. Micah Hawkins 12 B The life of a student, when it comes to his/her 12th grade, gets tedious. They feel everything closing in on them. There is pressure from home, from school and even competition among themselves. It is necessary to keep life balanced. The mind is a fragile matter. It needs to be constantly rejuvenated with things we love. Be it singing, dancing, histrionics or even sports. It needs to be fed with what relieves its pressure. Academics matter but keeping yourself healthy is always the first priority. Keeping yourself happy is the key to better scores. The mind must be in harmony with peace! global public school 33