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R Ashwini Sreekumar 11 D The biggest division man is forced to make on a daily basis is whether he can squeeze just five more minutes of sleep and not be late. Yes, the struggle is real. Deciding to write this article took about ten minutes of debate between my conscience and my brain. Sure, there are people who go out there and get things done. I’m not one of them. My life motto is ‘Just live in the present’ which, I am told, is code word for ‘I am as prepared for life as a two year old.’ The constant conundrum that takes place in a human mind is whether to get it over with or enjoy the little time you have is inevitable. I’m no psychologist but procrastination given an adrenaline rush. The final sprint to the finish line gives so much excitement and a dopamine overload that you feel like a rebel. In so many moments of life you fight with yourself. To make the right decisions, to do or not to do, to change, to adapt. With incredible cognitive strength humans are equipped to make tough decisions. And sometimes you ignore what might happen if you don’t do something at the right time. Ignorance is bliss. Then you are pulled into a quandary where you struggle between what you want and what is ethical. Then comes prioritizing. What may seem important to, you may not be to onlookers. The constant pressure to do them right is inescapable. And you are on another weighing scale. They may be wrong, but you’ll never know for you chose your own path. This morning I woke, took a look at my bed and imagined its coziness, the warmth of the blanket and the plushness of the pillow. Then I walked away. Eben John Kurien IX C The Indian education system has often been a two-sided argument. In a worldly perspective, the Indian education system has received many accolades and high praise. On the other hand the Indian education system is perceived to have certain flaws when seen from the Indian perspective. Anywhere that you go in the world, you will find an Indian there! They dominate the important roles all over global public school the world. This serves as a true testament for the positive aspects of the Indian system of education. And yet we often find Indians in their own country working quite difficult jobs for very low wages. This contradicts the fact that the Indian education system is to-notch. Hence I believe the merit of the student always outweighs the education system. 30