The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 28

R Kashvi 2 D I am happy to share my first experience of being a part of a Sarpa Puja. We got an invite to take part in this puja. It was a three hour travel from Kochi to Ambalapara, a small town in Ottapalam. I was with my parents, my uncle and my sister. We were listening to music throughout the journey. This place is a hilly region and we had to climb up the hill. The puja started at nine in the night and went up to five thirty early in the morning. During the puja, three women performed a snake dance and a man id a fire dance to the beats. I liked the puja because it had three different types of Rangoli and it was very colourful. This puja is performed for the well being of all the family members. Roshan George 2 E Going birding with Dad is always interesting. On a Sunday, we went to Kadamakkudy, a little village on the outskirts of Kochi. When we reached Kadamakkudy, my Dad, immediately, spotted an Osprey, a bird of prey. Quickly, we got our cameras out and took photos before it flew east. When the Osprey returned, it had a big fish in its claws. After some time, I spotted a wet, black bird perched upon a wooden pole in the water. It was a bird called the Little Cormorant and it was drying its wings after its fishing time in the water. We returned home having had a happy time with Nature. global public school 28