The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 27

R Ann Sarah Paul 9 D Why? Why? Why? Why did it all have to happen tonight? It was a dark and scary night. No stars were visible from the window. I was reading the book ‘101 bedtime stories’. That’s when the first villain entered, a power cut followed by his best friends – the thunder and the lightning. It scared me out of my wits. Now, the moon had gone and it was the streaks of lightning that lit the sky. The rain was falling as if the clouds were being squeezed. That’s when it all started. A loud band… I was sure it was the front door. This was followed by the squeaking of a pair of shoes. Who could it be at such a late hour? Mom and Dad would return only by tomorrow. I rushed to my table to find a candle and a box of matches. But, I had no luck, even the torch was fooling me around. I thought of calling Mom first, but thought, that would do no good. So, I mustered up courage and forced myself to go downstairs. global public school I tripped as I reached half way down. I held on the railing to regain my balance. I walked as slow as a snail. There was light in the hall. I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing that caught my hand – pan. I held the pan as tight as I could and entered the living room. There was a man standing near the TV. I reached quite close to him and that’s when he turned around. The next thing I knew was a familiar yell and the lights turned on. I opened my eyes to find my older brother on the floor with his nose bleeding. Quickly, I rang up for the ambulance. Soon, inside the ambulance, the doctor asked my brother, who had just regained his consciousness, “How did this happen?” He looked at me and answered…”hit with a pan”. I kept quiet, feeling so embarrassed. 27