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R Diya Jasmine Deepak 4 E There once was a little girl named Pam. She loved charity and helping the needy. Everyone loved her and she had lots of friends. Soon it was Christmas eve. Pam and her family were busy buying gifts, cakes and decorating the tree. While Pam was returning after shopping she saw two boys standing outside a bakery staring at the displayed cakes. They wanted to buy them but could not. Pam decided to follow them to their house. When she reached their house, she saw the boys playing happily with some shabby pieces of cardboard and their mother was trying to clean the house before Christmas. Nobody was sad in their house. Everyone was happy and cheerful. Pam thought, “While we are busy buying gifts and cakes, we do not know that there are people around us who live in dire poverty. They cannot even afford to buy a simple plum cake or a small toy.” Early next morning, Pam went to the boy’s house. She was very happy to see the boys playing with the toys and eating the cake. Their mother was also a part of their games. That day Pam learnt a new lesson, Christmas or any other festival is not just for celebrating, but also to spread joy and happiness. Mischael Anna Varghese 3 B Once upon a time there lived a lovely couple with two beautiful daughters, Linda and Susie. As they were living in an old broken house, they decided to build a new house and shift into it. The house was beautiful with a small garden in the front. They decorated their home with a lot of love and put up a swing in the garden on a huge tree. Susie and Linda loved to play in the garden and used to swing till late evening every day after school. One night, Linda looked out of the window and saw a boy of her age sitting on the swing who, suddenly disappeared right in front of her eyes. She, immediately, tried to wake up Susie. But, Susie said that she didn’t see anybody and went back to sleep. Linda couldn’t sleep. She was unable to forget the boy. The next day, at breakfast, Linda narrated her scary story but nobody believed her. But, believe it or not, there were strange things going on in the house. There were frying pans flying out of the window, lights going off and on, windows going open and shut, even Susie’s Maths homework was completed before she could even touch her book. global public school One night, Linda, Susie and their father decided to stay awake late night to check out if there really was a ghost!! In the middle of the night, they saw a little boy tiptoe to Susie’s bag and pull out her Maths notebook. As soon as they made even the slightest move he disappeared into thin air. They called out for him and assured him that they weren’t going to hurt him. They, suddenly, could hear a sob and the little boy narrated his story. He was Henry who studied in the same school as Linda and Susie. He loved Maths and would always top the class for all the exams. But, one day he died of an illness just before he could give the sixth standard Maths final exam and so couldn’t score the highest mark again. So, Susie, Linda and Henry, the ghost, and father went to meet Henry’s teacher. They explained everything to her. After a lot of explanation, she agreed to let Henry write the Maths exam and he scored 100%. Henry danced with joy. He bid Linda and Susie farewell and went into another world up above. Susie, Linda and their parents lived happily ever after. Susie would always remember Henry whenever she did her Maths homework. 25