The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 24

R Diya Jasmine Deepak 4 E All the animals in the jungle were having fun with their family and friends except for the gorilla. The gorilla had lost its family in a forest fire. All the animals in the jungle were afraid of the gorilla and hence he had no friends. Ever since after the forest fire, the gorilla had been very depressed and alone. One day, as the gorilla was roaming around, it saw a small, orphaned white tiger cub. Feeling sad for the cub, the gorilla picked it up and went home deep in the jungle. They both soon became great friends. They always played together and spent time with each other. The gorilla felt like it had got its family back and so took good care of the cub. One day when they were both playing, the gorilla noticed a shadow. Slowly, more shadows started to appear. Soon, there were around twelve to twenty shadows walking towards them. The gorilla took the cub and ran. But, the shadows seemed to be faster and soon caught up with them. Suddenly, all of them pounced on the gorilla. They were lions! Soon, there was a big fight between the lions and the gorilla. The gorilla fought bravely, not to save its life but the life of the cub. After hours of fighting, the gorilla, unable to bear the pain for global public school longer, shook itself vigourously to get the lions off its body. Then, he screamed in his loudest voice. Startled, the lions fled. The cub was very thankful to the gorilla but also full of grief seeing the gorilla in such pain. So, the cub took care of the gorilla and nursed its wounds till it was better. Soon, many years passed. The tiger cub was now a full grown adult. He still loved the gorilla and took great care of it all the time. One day, as they were walking through the jungle, they saw an old white tiger and tigress walking towards them. The tiger immediately recognized them. They were his parents! The tiger ran and embraced them. Soon, they prepared to leave. The gorilla could not believe it. The tiger, which the gorilla had cared and protected for so many years, was parting from him. Tears filled his eyes and he could not stop them. They flowed right down his cheeks. They parted soon. The family walked a few steps when suddenly the tiger ran back to the gorilla. He decided that he would stay with the gorilla forever. Tears of joy flowed out from their eyes and then they went back to the depth of the forest where they lived happily till the end of their days. 24