The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 22

R Akshadha 4 E There once lived a girl named Sena. She was born to a rich family and was the only child. So, her parents spent most of their time and money on her. But, she was arrogant. Her parents tried their best not to let a single drop of tear from her eyes. Sena hated charity or anything to do with poor people. But, on the contrary, her parents gave food and money to them. Two poor people often came in asking for money. Her parents would give them food and money. But, when they away, it was a different story. Sena would say bad things and show them bad faces. She started getting even more arrogant as the days passed. But, this did not go unnoticed. Their neighbor, Mr. Toya, noticed this behaviour to these people on the day before her birthday. Mr. Toya was very angry on seeing this as he also used to give willingly to those beggars’ children. He walked to Sena and called out her name loudly. Sena turned around in fright. By then her parents had come too. Mr. Toya related to her parents on what had happened. Both, Mr. Toya and Sena’s parents gave her a piece of advice. Sena understood the wrong she had done and was thenceforth kind to all beggars. Amelia Mariam Abin 2 C Once I went to a zoo. There I met a lion. The lion asked me, “What is your name?” I was shocked! I have never seen an animal talking to me. I didn’t say my name. I just ran away. Then, I met a tiger. The tiger asked me, “Where do you live?” I ran again, but faster than before. Then I met a monkey. Before the monkey could say anything, I was out of the zoo. Then, my mother woke me up. “School time!” Then, I understood that it was a dream. global public school 22